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"j'aime la nourriture, et vous?"

Bri wrote that

Hello there. Welcome to Emu's journal of rants and arts. Emu isn't going to type something amazing and fantastic for you because she isn't like that. She want you to know that she appreciates you coming here though she will not talk like this when she is posting.

Emu is into art, anime and realism. She prefers realism right now because she is trying to get into Pasadena Art Center, and that place hates anime with a passion. Even though Emu doesn't draw like Renaissance artists, she tries her best (sometimes) to do her drawings.

On her spare time, she goes play Ragnarok Online, go on Gaiaonline (Sethea), listens to music and draw. She tends to be sidetracked and chats with friends. She does not try at school so she is failing Algebra 2 but she does not seem to care at the moment.

On weekends, she goes to Diamond Plaza with her friends to buy candy and play Dance Dance Revolution and GuitarFreaks. She fails at DDR because she has horrible stamina and does poorly on GuitarFreaks. Emu likes going there because she knows the people there and meets new people to fangirl about.

She is usually a friendly person though perverted. Emu welcomes you to her LJ.
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